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About Us

Fresh and bursting with flavor, that's Beignets. We are a mobile food purveyor servicing Eastern Market and other areas of Metro Detroit.  We feature New Orleans-style French doughnuts called “beignets .”


A beignet, pronounced (BEN-YEY) is a French term meaning pastry, synonymous with the English "fritter".  At Beignets we serve fresh deep fried beignets using our unique method of flash frying.  The technique renders a delicious light and crispy exterior with a soft tantalizing center. These amazing treats are topped with a generous dusting of sweet powdered sugar.  Add our rich chicory coffee - the perfect companion mixed with milk and served hot.


The French-style doughnut gained popularity in the United States in the late 1800’s and can be found in coffee shops throughout New Orleans.  Now this amazing succulant treat is being delivered to businesses throughout Metro Detroit. 


Indulge yourself today with a treat from our delicious menu. At Beignets you are sure to enjoy friendly service, and affordable prices.  Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey at Beignets!

"Let them eat beignets"

- Marie Antoinette
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